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 During the design phase, unlike th conventional equipments, Gigracam is manufa ured by the ideas taken from the search and rescue experts instead of engineers, and it forces the boundaries of durability.

 Telescopic probe which can expand to 3 meters even in the deepest spots, with internal cable movement.


 User friendly wearable design which gives freedom of movement even in the toughest environment. The design makes it possible to see under the ruins from a distance of 50 meters with two way communication, even in the area where there is a collapse risk.

  • Special goggles with digital screen,
  • External screen (second display monitor),
  • Both the picture transfer and the two way communication,
  • Night vision ability in dark situations,
  • Wireless picture transfer,
  • light and portable.


GigraCam is an unusual search and rescue device. It is light, portable and easy to use. It effectively inspects even the smallest areas with coution and speed, in its duty territory.


Remote control panel which can eve n be used with protective gloves.

Powerful illumination with 100.000 hours LTBF, which provides dear vision in dark environments.


With the night viston capability of GigraCam, user can easily see all the details without the need for additionalUght source. lt's own light source is very efficient and consumes very Iittle energy. lt's light source has a 100.000 hours LTBF.

 lt has the world's smallest, self illuminated, motorized camera which can pan and tilt and move four directions in 38mm area.

lt has a high resolution goggle screen which provides clear vision outdoors despite how powerful the light is.

 Detachable camera head of the telescopic probe can be left under the wreckage in order not to loose contact with the victim.

By this way, the telescopic probe camera can stay attached to the main body, because of its expandable cable up to 50 meters. This enables the user and the main body of the device not to be dose to the dangerous sites.

 Advanced DVR which enables a second user to see and record remotely the images coming from the device, and connect to a computer with built in USB port.

Advanced and durable Camera system built from the materials only used in aviation sector.


Vibrating communication set which lets you communicate with underneath the wreckage, even near the most powerful machines or compressors.

 High resolution, 3 meters Endoscopic camera which can go through even a one cm hole, enabling to see underneath the wreckage.

 High resolution Endoscopic camera set with 4 way motion, which can go through even a one cm hole, enabling to see underneath the ruins.

 Underwater camera which can rotate 180 degrees even under 50m of water.


Low Heat  (TS2141 EN60068-2-1)
Water Resistance IPX4 (TS3033 EN60529)
Dust Resistance IP5X (TS3033 EN60529)


ISO 9001