• Gigra 1308S

    The Gigra is a revolutionary CCTV under-vehicle inspection system which satisfies all of your needs and more. The product offers unbelievable lightweight and portability which is integral to its design. Detaylar >>
  • Gigracam

    During the design phase, unlike th conventional equipments, Gigracam is manufa ured by the ideas taken from the search and rescue experts instead of engineers, and it forces the boundaries of durability. Detaylar >>

    Global brand, GIGRA presents the revolutionary night vision goggles. GIGRA night vision goggles offer unbelievable lightweight and portability which are integral to its design. With its infrared LED lights, GIGRA night vision goggles enable you to see in complete darkness where you cannot see with naked eyes. From now on you can see the surroundings clearly in dark conditions. Detaylar >>

    This revolutionary GIGRA metal detector is worn on the hand, not held, allowing for full use of fingers and hands as the situation requires. It alerts the user of metal detection and not the suspect by vibrating.Razors and knives hidden in heavy coats are soon detected and the users’ hands are free while conducting a search. It can detect a safety pin or staple hidden in a prisoners mouth. Detaylar >>
  • Gigra Fire Intervention Robot

    Gigra Fire for Fire fighting Robot is one of the american academy. Man destroys fires and easily into tight spaces introduction of high temperature resistant and is able to be advantageous in the world. Detaylar >>
  • Gigra Underwater Robot

    Gigra Underwater Robot Multi-functional and comfortable use with Gigra Underwater. It provides easy reach to the user's target for the underwater search. Thanks to its camera with illumination, detection underwater is much easier. Detaylar >>
  • Argo 8x8 XT Models

    Argo 8x8 vehicles in Turkey Detaylar >>
  • Argo 8x8 Fumigation

    Argo 8x8 vehicles in Turkey Detaylar >>
  • Argo 8x8 Fire and Rescue

    Argo 8x8 vehicles in Turkey Detaylar >>
  • 8x8 Argo Exploration and Rescue

    Argo 8x8 vehicles in Turkey Detaylar >>